Dr. Daniel Chaparro is among the oral surgeons Lubbock, TX families can turn to for comprehensive and reliable oral surgical services. Not all dentists can perform oral surgical procedures as these require rigorous training and exemplary skills on the part of the oral surgeon. Dr. Chaparro's years of experience and outstanding training back him up in helping his patients regain their smile and confidence.

What Does an Oral Surgeon Do?

Oral surgeons are experts in correcting dental injuries, defects and diseases that affect our teeth, mouth, jaw, and the entire facial region. Dr. Chaparro performs these procedures with utmost caution and proficiency to successfully eradicate the patient’s facial pain and restore the affected parts functions.

An oral surgeon:

  • Extracts teeth – The most common responsibility of oral surgeons is tooth extractions. Oral surgeons remove infected teeth to prevent them from contaminating the other healthy teeth. They also pull out teeth that overcrowd the patient’s gums to encourage the proper growth of the other teeth.
  • Performs jaw surgery – Oral surgeons have the duty to correct the position of displaced bones caused by accidents or trauma. This reconstructive jaw surgery fixes the jaws alignment to avoid or eliminate problems with breathing, biting, chewing and speaking. Oral surgeons also remedy congenital jaw defects, usually in collaboration with dentists and orthodontists.
  • Places dental implants – Dental implants are tooth restorations surgically attached to the jaw to replace a patient’s missing tooth or teeth. Oral surgeons, like Dr. Chaparro, who possess exemplary skills in reconstructing jaw bone or gum tissue, can make implant placements easier.