Orthodontist in Lubbock, TX

Looking for an excellent orthodontist in Lubbock, TX? Dr. Daniel Chaparro of Smiles by Design is a dental expert in correcting misaligned teeth, improper bites, or disproportionate jaws. Dr. Chaparro understands not all people are blessed with naturally perfect smiles, and that is why he strives to help his patients achieve the winning smile they desire. With the latest orthodontic services, Dr. Chaparro brings out the confident smile his patients deserve.

During your initial visit, Lubbock orthodontist Dr. Chaparro will assess if orthodontic braces is the ideal solution for your dental concern. He will evaluate different factors, includingyour teeth and jaw alignment, your smiles visual appearance, your teeths chewing function and your overall facial harmony. Dental X-rays may be conducted to properly determine your teeth alignment, and you may also be asked to bite down onto a mold to get an accurate impression of your mouth.

Dr. Chaparro will examine these records to determine the proper dental treatment for you. Dental braces treatment usually lasts from six months to over two years.

Invisalign Braces:

If conventional orthodontic treatment is not for you, Smiles by Design offers the breakthrough Invisalign braces. It is an ideal solution for patients concerned with the discomfort and the awkward appearance of traditional braces, and provides a more convenient and faster alternative in aligning teeth.

Invisalign allows you to wear a clear set of aligners every two weeks until your treatment is complete. These aligners gradually shift your teeth in place and are almost invisible to the eye so others won’t even know you’re wearing anything. In contrast with metal braces, Invisalign enables you to eat any kind of food and brush or floss your teeth normally. You can also remove the aligners anytime you want to. Invisalign treatment requires you to visit our dental practice only four to six weeks.

Lubbock orthodontist Dr. Chaparro will discuss all the treatment options available to you, including the length and cost of each treatment. He is very much willing to address all the concerns and questions you may have and discuss your expectations.

If you want quality dental treatment from a competent orthodontist in Lubbock, TX, contact our office at 806-794-1545 now!