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I explain the 20 keys to create the design of your online web store and make your e-commerce stand out from the web pages of your competition on the Internet.

It is no secret to anyone that, every day, more and more people who surf the Internet use this medium to buy products and services, saving travel, queues and extra expenses such as parking, fuel and meals in the crowded shopping centers.

What a revolution in our lives! Never in the history of humanity has the process of purchasing consumables, clothing, appliances, tickets to events, insurance and even travel been so systematized. Nor have there ever been so many sales opportunities where all people, regardless of nationality, can participate virtually in the marketing of hundreds of thousands of products: it is the socialization of information and consumption at its best.

Online sales in various companies have increased by up to 96% compared to the previous year and, if we add to that that the trend is on the rise, we see that the opportunity we have at this time is unbeatable.

If you have understood all this and are in the process of creating and designing an online, e-commerce web store, you will understand that it is essential to attract the attention of potential buyers to generate sales and although, unlike a physical commercial premises , the virtual store will not spend so many resources, you must pay attention to details that are not necessary to understand in real life businesses.

Everything sounds very nice: I create my website, my online store, I publish it, I put a series of products or services on sale, and ¡tachán! I will get thousands in sales and, in a few months, I will end up living on an island in the Caribbean as a result of my automatic sales that are produced!

It’s not that easy … But you’ll be closer to achieving it if you understand that there is no second chance to make a good first impression . This summarizes that a user on the Internet, who is looking for a product to buy and finds your website, where you offer that product, understands that it is on the Internet and can find a better price in another online web store or, simply, it will generate more Trust another company with a professional or high-quality online store design.

That is why it is so important to consider hiring the design of the website and online store from experts. But, depending on your company profile, budget and time available, it is a very good idea that you dare to create and design your own online store and, to help you, in this article we are going to give you some tips that will work for you Of great usefulness.

Here I give you 20 of the best tips you need to hire or create an online web store with which you will gain the trust of your audience, adapt to consumer needs.


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