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Safety in online payment, first of all!

Having Internet payment options that guarantee that the information will never be filtered and complying with the European PSD2 regulation , is one of the reasons why users can trust one online store and not another.

You are not suspicious when, in a supermarket in the city, they ask for your credit or debit card at the checkout to pay for your purchase, right? Because you trust . Well, the same must happen in your online web store!

Imagine this situation. The client has just entered your website and is attracted by the design of the online web store, since it is very intuitive and easy to use, also sees excellent products and is adding products to the shopping cart, until they have registered and are ready to proceed with the payment … but, you arrive at the checkout , the screen to make the payment, and you do not understand why it is not a secure payment platform or through a payment method that you recognize … well, what happens? I already tell you: the user does not pay, empties his cart and even unsubscribes from the account he had just created, a disaster for any business!

Can we imagine for example Amazon or eBay without Paypal? I do not think so. 99% of the importance when creating and designing an online web store is to have a totally secure payment gateway recognized by any user, such as Paypal or Stripe .

When creating your online web store, pay special attention to offering totally secure payment methods that are easily recognizable by any user: Paypal, Stripe, POS Servired-Redsys, Google Pay, etc.

If your online web store manages to gain the trust of users , in terms of online payment, it will result in your client not slowing down when closing the order and paying, ending up satisfied with the shopping experience , and, therefore Therefore, speak well of your virtual store and bring you more customers day by day and increase your sales.

Even if we have a physical business, we may come to think that in the medium term, online sales will exceed physical sales and, this long-awaited phenomenon, will save us a lot of money at the end of the month for operational tasks.

Design the responsive online web store , friend!

These days, where each person in Spain has an average of 1.3 mobile phones, it is not difficult to understand that, when creating and designing our online web store, it must be fully adaptable to these mobile devices and tablets , which is known as responsive (or responsive). As I mentioned on another occasion, your company’s website must be responsive, yes or yes.

If the design of our online web store looks bad on a mobile phone, we are preventing 60% of the market from accessing our website and reducing by 85% the chances that a user will ever return to our virtual store, can you allow?

This adaptability when creating and designing an online web store, as well as any other type of web page, to be seen in the same way on a mobile device is called responsive or adaptive web design .

It has been known that many excellent web design studios and agencies simply develop excellent online web store designs for desktop devices (computer) but, when entering from the mobile device (phone or tablet), we will suffer from a cumbersome navigation process, no menus in sight, with the need to scroll sideways in endless taps to see the width of the site, without neglecting the endless process of completing a contact form when we need help.

Companies that do business through their website and online store, which have not adapted to mobile versions, will tend to disappear from the online market to be yet another of the brands that never belonged to the generations that have as an extension of their extremities , mobile phones, currently 60% and increasing!


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